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Bad News.

Many mortgage brokers say that facebook ads don’t work for them.

That is really bad news (for them), but the good news for us is – they’re caught up thinking about how Facebook ads don’t work, instead of figuring it out or hiring someone who does, so they can compete in the marketplace. Nice, right?

Let’s keep this between us.

Ready to learn how to do what ‘doesn’t work’?

Facebook ads for Mortgage Brokers are just like facebook ads for anything else….

Easy to do wrong, hard to do right.

There’s nothing like chatting with a mortgage broker about facebook ads and hearing that they don’t work.

It’s always breaking news to me, because I do this every day and I’ve found the opposite to be true – when you do it right.

The truth is, facebook ads work. It’s good for you if your competition believes they don’t work, but if you really want success, it’s time to admit to yourself that there’s a secret sauce that you just don’t have – and that’s okay, that’s how anything starts.

How to Find VA Buyer Leads with Facebook Ads

I’m building a campaign targeting one of my clients’ core audiences: VA Buyers (people in the military who qualify for a VA loan)

Targeting is pretty straightforward, as Facebook lets you target based on:

  • Demographics
    • people who list their job title as military (worldwide, not just U.S. military, though you can target geographically.
  • Interests
    • Division (meaning interest in a particular division of the military, Navy, Army, Air force, etc.)
    • Military Base
    • Military occupation
    • Military reserve force
    • United States Military Academy

I won’t go into targeting much here because this is a glimpse into how I write ad copy that is designed to convert. My hope is that after reading this post from start to finish, you’ll:

  1. understand the fundamentals of ad copy strategy
  2. be able to try it on your own if you want to
  3. have a glimpse into the context of ads for mortgage lead gen, specifically

Writing Effective Facebook Ad Copy

The Copywriting Formula:

A – attention

I – interest

D – desire

A – action

A – Hook the reader’s attention

I – Touch on the reader’s self interest

D – Create a sense of desire – paint a picture

A – Tell the reader what you want them to do and when.

Real Mortgage Facebook Ad Example

I spend a lot of time on ad copy, and for good reason. Your copy is 1/3 of your success – or failure.

The ultimate Facebook Ad combines the 3 main parts optimally:

  • Copy (ad copy)
  • Creative (pic / video / carousel, etc.)
  • Offer (lead magnet, opt-in, etc.)

My agency has a very specific 3 step process we follow at the beginning of every campaign to find the ideal ad copy, ideal creative, and ideal offer to use for our ads  (no, it is not split testing). It’s made a huge difference in our client’s campaigns.

Take time to develop a process to find out which copy most pulls in your audience, which type of creative attracts their attention the best, and what offer is most enticing to them – enticing enough for them to convert at a good rate on your offer.

I devoted a lot more time and attention to this ad than others so I could break down the copywriting process to an ultra basic level.

I hope you find it interesting and instructive.

I’m not running these ads yet – what you’re seeing is a preview I screenshot on my phone.

I left the AIDA framework in the ad to make it easier to breakdown and understand

1. Capture the reader’s attention with a question.

2. Touch on the reader’s personal interest – “if you’re in the military”

this is also where we are making it clear who we’re talking to: you, if you’re in the military.

3. Painting a picture for the reader… Imagine owning your own home.

4. Tell the reader what to do.

As you can probably tell, our ad copy is set up properly, but there’s not much to it yet.

Let’s keep going.

Revision 1

I’ve upgraded line 2: interest.

I’ve added scarcity, while maintaining the sense of “I’m talking to you

Have you taken advantage of your VA loan yet?

I also added a new line directly below, where scarcity comes in.

Stop missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime – you’ve earned this.

Notice that I’m still talking directly to one person. This is very important in ad copy. Always write like you’re writing to one person.

Why? Because individuals read ads, not groups.

No group of 4 to 7 people crowd around a single facebook news feed and collectively read “You guys should take advantage of our special offer!”

Which is why we write “You should take advantage of our special offer,” instead…but still spice up the ad copy because it’s pretty weak. The point is, talk to one person.

Line 3

It’s time for you to have your own home base

I actually made a minor mistake here, because I should have kept the visual language.

Imagine having your own home base

Line 4

In line 4, I added justification. Justification is powerful for humans – literally even ‘because’ is a better explanation than no explanation, which is confirmed by studies.

Message us now to find out if you qualify.

Why message us? Because you want to find out if you qualify for this awesome opportunity you’re missing out on, of course.

Pro Tip: Note that when your prospects do message you, you’ll want to have a clear next step for them once they get there, or most will just bounce. You don’t want to leave it up to them to write their own message, if you can avoid it – create a quick reply in your Messenger settings for your Facebook Business page. You can also edit the sequence people will see when they tap to send you a message – from something custom to your standard ‘get started’ screen.

Revision 2

Here I simply edited Line 2 again, this time adding further clarification of who I’m talking to –

if you’re military and

I hope that by this point, you’re starting to get an idea of how I write ad copy. One ad can take time, because it’s not worth shipping something that’s not optimized. After reading this post, you should be spending a lot more time thinking about your ad copy and what it will look like to your audience.

Revision 3

We’re close to our final version, but I’m going to add one more thing: emojis.

Professionals have mixed feelings on emojis, but marketers believe everything is worth testing.

Fact is, most businesses get better results from using emojis in their copy. Some don’t – obviously the same exact approach won’t work for every audience.

However, it’s worth a try, and in all of my testing, emojis have boosted CTR (click through rate) – essentially the number of people who click on your ad.

Final Version

For our final revision, we just have to remove our AIDA training-wheel framework, and…

Our ad copy is primed and ready to run in front of thousands of eyeballs scanning the newsfeed.

The only attention that matters is the attention of the specific type of person we are targeting.

Run. Analyze. Revise. Re-run.

There’s a whole lot more to the facebook ad world, especially if you want to find success in whatever outcome you’re going for (if you’re reading this, there’s a decent chance it’s mortgage leads).

Questions? Please comment.

You can also book a free Strategy Session with me here https://devbevco.youcanbook.me


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